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    Methoxyamine Hydrochloride( O-Methylhydroxylamine hydrochloride/Methoxylamine hydrochloride/Methyloxyammonium chloride)(CAS NO:593-56-6)
    Ethoxyamine Hydrochloride(O-Ethylhydroxylamine Hydrochloride)(CAS NO:3332-29-4)
    N,O-Dimethylhydroxylamine hydrochloride(CAS NO:6638-79-5)
    Methoxylamine methanesulfonate
    N-Methoxy-N-methylacetamide(CAS NO.: 78191-00-1)
    O-Isobutylhydroxylamine Hydrochloride(Isobutyloxyamine HydrochlorideCAS NO.:6084-58-8)
    O-Benzylhydroxylamine hydrochloride(CAS NO.: 2687-43-6)
    Current: Technology

    Pharmaceutical Intermediate--Methoxyamine Hydrochloride

    As the pharmaceutical products are involved in personal security, they have extremely high requirements in materials, such as the Methoxyamine Hydrochloride’s purity, harmful impurities' content and so on.

    The manufacture of Methoxyamine Hydrochloride usually adopts such technologies as the oxime methodology, the hydroxylamine disulfonic acid methodology or the hydroxylamine acylation methodolody.

    Some production technologies can't dispel the impurity of raw materials, for example, the sodium nitrate and the sulfur dioxide which are used in the hydroxylamine diaulfonic acid methodology with sodium nitrate as the raw material are extremely apt to bring such harmful elements as the arsenic, phosphorus, etc. into Methoxyamine Hydrochloride products when the technic is improper. For such pharmaceutical products which have strict requirements, these may be qualified but not available.

    There are still technological processes for Methoxyamine Hydrochloride which can produce the impurities, for example, the technology of distillation method separating methoxyamine in Methoxyamine Hydrochloride purification process, the air which enters equipment heats up and quickly oxidize the methoxamine, such operation must cause the impurity content in the products exceed standard and if the oxidation reaction is violent, the explosion accident can even happen.

    The production technology of Methoxyamine Hydrochloride, which our company developed, has been verified for many years. It has many advantages, such as high  purity, no harmful impurities and so on.

    Such technology guarantees the production process to be non-polluting, safe and reliable, which is the market first element demand, that is, the manufacturer should supply steadily.

    A variety of technical routes of Methoxyamine Hydrochloride

    The oxime methodology, mainly use of acetone oxime, butanone oxime, cyclohexanone oxime, and the methylation reagent is dimethyl sulfate or monohalomethanes. When use methyl chloride and elemental oxime, they can be kept in an enclosed device to have a liquid-phase reaction all long until produce methoxyamine hydrochloride, to avoid dangerous methoxyamine rectification process, that is rectification, and the oil phase separation process. Ketoxime can be manufacture by hydroxylamine and ketone. It can also uses hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite to oxidate ketone ammonia.

    The hydroxylamine disulfonic acid methodology, the raw materials, hydroxylamine disufonic acid are self-made.There are complex and simple methods. The former adopts leading liquid ammonia to remove the reaction heat, and the later uses freezer, with the methylation reagent being dimethyl sulfate or monohalomethanes.

    The hydroxylamine acylation methodology uses the hydroxylamine, and there are difference between single acyl’s protection, which is ethanoyl and Phthalyl’s protection, which is phthalic anhydride. The methylation reagent is dimethyl sulfate.

    If these conventional production methods of methoxyamine hydrochloride are not handled seriously in details, it is impossible to produce high quality products. For example, it is generally considered that GC reaching 99% is the sign of high-quality, but in fact, it may be the result that the impurities don’t reaching peaks in theGas chromatography. Then Considering cost, safety, environmental protection, personnel, investment, market, etc, these are few technical routes to choose from conventional production methods. The only truth that a company survives is to accord with the objective conditions requirement, but not as simple as writing an article.


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